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Performance Marketing

LogicMedia is a mediabuying agency focussing on online performance marketing. We are experts in building and scaling high volume online marketing campaigns. With our team of designers and copywriters, we strive to bring performance marketing to the next level.

Our headquarters are based in Belgium. Our team is located all around the world.

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We Turn Clicks Into Happy Customers

Our affiliate team only works with ethical advertisers with a strong track record and flexible budgets. We're also building out inhouse e-commerce brands that will be launched soon.

Affiliate Marketing
Not your typical rip-and-run affiliate

Our passion and strength. We love creating solid sales funnels and running them on high quality traffic networks. But please don't ask us to f*ck over the end customer. We want mom to be proud.

Inhouse E-commerce
We love gadgets

Our competitors are also reading this webpage, so we'll be vague here. If you've seen our name on your billing statement: yes, it's us! We hope you're happy with your purchase.

No, we are not going guru

With over a decade in industry experience we know what works. If you're stuck, we're willing to help. But don't expect us to be cheap or to babysit you. We've got actual campaigns to run.

Our Process

We pride ourselves in being an affiliate team that specializes in custom created, compliant sales funnels. With our systematic approach we deliver qualified clicks that convert.


Market research

What problems are you solving for your clients? Is your offer competitive enough to run on high volume?


Creative process

Our copywriters and designers will create several unique salespitches.



We analyze the data and tweak our salestalk until we have a winning funnel.



This is the fun part. We scale what works.

Work For Us?

Do not expect a fancy office with a barista and heated toilet seats. We're an internet agency and all our staff works remote. Are you cool with working remote and do you have a fast internet connection available? Perfect!

We're always interested in hiring brilliant copywriters or mediabuyers. We only work with people that can commit fulltime to us. However let's make a few things clear: Do you think AdBlock Plus is the best thing since the invention of the steam engine? You don’t start yelling at  your computer when your internet is too slow? You're favorite numbers are 9 to 5 and you didn't notice the obvious mistake in this sentence? Close this page and leave. We’ll be no match. Bye Felicia.

But if you are a passionate guy/girl/x that wants to sell cool stuff online, wants happy customers and also wants to get paid well? We're a match made in the cloud! You know where to find us...

Let's dance?

If you like what you read, contact us.
Except if you are telemarketeer. We're better at selling stuff than you are anyway.

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We prefer email. Phonecalls are so 1995.

Contact Us :
Phone :

+32 477 21 08 75

(Seriously. Don't call us if you're a telemarketeer. We'll insult your mom.)

Email :

hello [at] logicmedia [dot] be

Address :

Provincieweg 405, B-9550 Herzele, BELGIUM

(Closed office. Don't visit us unless you're bringing pizza.)


We need this here to comply with the law so here we go:

LogicMedia BV is VAT registered under BE0834220091